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Published on Friday, August 24th, 2012 09:00 am GMT -4 | by Litda


Chinese Flying Lanterns

My friend turned to me at a party and said, we need Chinese Lanterns. And I thought, “Yeah. That does sound awesome.” But in reality I had no idea what they were so I had to research them. These Chinese Lanterns are lanterns that can freaking fly, I’m not even joking. I thought the internet was lying to me. Now I’m a traditionalist with fireworks and fire in general, I mean fire is great. Light a few flames. Watch the passion in people’s heart burn for you and throw on some steaks. But after learning about these Chinese lanterns that fly… My world was suddenly a Disney movie. I think there were Chinese Lanterns in Rapunzel, I did not watch that movie because I was far too busy being awesome and discovering these Chinese Flying Lanterns. Pure magic and miracles, this product sells for $28.99 on for your enjoyment.

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