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2013: Apple iTV Updates

Apple iTV

Apple is supposed to release 5 new products this year. Setting the stage for what is to be even bigger and better in 2013. For techies the update to the Apple iTV may be one of the most awaited for this year. Currently available and getting rave reviews, I figured I would give a little insight into what all of the hype is about.

While rumor had it that this new advance would be the Apple iTV, it is more like a revision to last years media streamer. Basically the device retains the same form as previously, but the system has updated it’s menu and includes a faster processor.

Perhaps the most exciting change is its new HD capability. It can now stream and play 1080p versus last years model that could only handle 720p. This means that now Apple has the job of updating it’s iTunes catalogue to include 1080p where previously 720p is all that was offered. But fear not, apple is obviously aware of this necessary change and are constantly updating what is available for iTune shoppers.

The wireless capabilities are current on this product. You are able to browse internet content, such as netflix, youtube, and much more. With Apple’s AirPlay system you can also play content from your Mac. Anything from your Mac, is compatible with this product. This capabilities, however, are limited. This new Apple product does not allow full web browsing, which is something many had hoped for. There are still things you can do on or iPhone, that you are currently unable to do on your TV. This has come as a surprise to consumers, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before such updates are available.

The Apple iTV offers the same ports and connectors as before. Including an Optical Audio port, HDMI port for connection to your TV, an ethernet port and a Micro-USB port, don’t get confused by this extra port, it is not for home users, rather for Apple’s intellects to use in order to diagnose problems. The Apple TV processor now has an A5 chip in order to handle the new 1080p HD playback. It is also equipped with 4330 Wi-Fi chip which supports Bluetooth 4.0+ HS. Currently there is no use for this technology, however it seems as if it is there in order for the future updates that are inevitable.

While there are definite changes in the new device, it is essentially very similar to the model released last year. For those who find it a big deal to watch in 1080p versus 720p, then going with the updated model is a good option. For those who are currently happy with their Apple TV, it may be a good idea to wait for them to reach a higher level of functionality. It is only a matter of time before Apple comes out with a product that is compatible with your iPhone and iPad. If these are functions you were hoping for, well 2014 may be your year.

Apple has high hopes when it comes to it’s future in TV. Currently their product is a box that goes under your TV and improves functionality. However, their goals are much bigger. They are constantly working to provide consumers with an entire TV, and not just the box that goes beneath yours. However, they are not the only company with such big ideas. There is sure to be competition along the way with companies such as Foxconn, but with all that Apple has given us over the years, my money is always on them.

Buying something new is always exciting, whether you are wanting the iTV or some other product, no one wants to throw away money on something they will get no use out of. Finding the perfect product goes above the functions it has to offer. Staying within your budget is the biggest thing for most consumers. For all of your 4G needs or desires pricing information can be found here.


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