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Published on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 06:00 pm GMT -4 | by Reid


The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop

The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop

Are you too lazy to mop your floors or don’t have time? If yes, you should invest in The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop! While you sit and relax on your couch, this robotic mop will navigate autonomously to dry sweep or mop wet floor. The robot is only compatible with hard surface floors. Using microfiber cloths, the robot moves in a back and forth motion to sweep up dirt, dust, and hair or the mopping cloths and water to wash floors. The robotic mop will also reach small areas and it includes detectors that will prevent the mop from entering certain areas. It also works as a GPS so it will cover the whole entire room. It would be ideal to mop one room at a time for effective results!


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