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Published on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 08:00 am GMT -4 | by Reid


Roofus Snow Shoveling Robot Concept Design Keeps You Warm

Winter and frequent, heavy snowfalls can create some pretty nasty work for both home driveways and building parking lots. To deal with these common problems, Michal Glogowski has created Roofus, a robotic laborer which is more than happy to take over our undesirable work.

Roofus can be controlled via remote control or set to work automatically where it pleasantly deals with the task at hand until finished.

Aside from snow removal Roofus is also capable of being fitted with various attachments for lawn mowing or room cleaning.

The robot is equipped with sensors for detecting objects which need dealing with and moves around on caterpillar tracks for all-terrain usage.

[Via Yanko Design]

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